With Me Always

"We receive spiritual blessings daily, many of which we take for granted."

About the Book

When I was young, my parents took my brother, sister and me to church. It was there I learned about God. The minister planted a seed within me, but I never really connected with the Trinity until some 65 years later. From the get go, when the pastor stated, "If you ever need anything, go to God first and He will answer your prayers," I took it to heart and followed through with my first request.

I was in dire need and God answered my prayer. It was then one thing was for certain. There is a God! But from then on I kept pushing Him out of my life. Oh, at times, I thought about Him but never had a relationship with Him. Thus my pursuits in life were based on worldly ways, and there were times I even complied with the devil's ways.

It wasn't until I found a church I loved and gave my life to Jesus Christ did I realize God was with me always. But that wasn't the end of it. Not only did I learn the importance of prayer, but the significance of listening as well. One day I was alerted to a fact that persuaded me to continue my journey.

I left that church and joined a Roman Catholic Church in my home town. Now an ardent convert, I continue to spread God's Word and take joy in the fact that I know now that the Trinity always has been by my side, is, and will always be there to take control of my life, directing me in the path of righteousness. I praise the Trinity for the joys of life I now have been given!