My Photographs

Creativity may be dry or have humor attached to it. Regardless of what a photographer sees through his camera’s viewfinder, his aim is to take away a segment of the whole picture with the eventuality of what sees swaying the onlooker’s emotions. Photographs will either be liked or disliked. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

As a photographer of fifty-three years, I have photographed literally thousands of views, but very few were what I consider creative imagery. Among the many, I had very few favorites. Five of them are represented on this page.

Shady Characters

Shaded Path

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Mounted and exquisitely matted by Cindy Johnson of i Frame it! in Youngstown, each is ready for framing. Sized by 17x 24 for all the prints except the Shaded Path which is larger. Its dimensions are 18 x24.

Priced very reasonably, the smaller prints are $150.00 plus tax ($9.00) a piece and the larger one $175 (10.50 sales tax). Shipping is an additional $8.00.

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